Mamdouh Amin Personal Profile

Mamdouh Amin El-Kholi

Born and raised in Egypt. Living in Nasr City, Cairo. Born in September 5th, 1978


Years of experience in Customer Service Managment

Responsible of Quality Assurance for our product.
Contacted Decision Makers by the phone in EGY business.
Promoted new market services to businesses in EGY.
Learning more about the products and answered other analyst's questions.
Handling the customer issues.
Winning back the customer.
Convincing the customer by highlighting the product's advantages and telling the customer that you put yourself in his position, give him options to help him out.
Leading a team.
Competing, which generates success.
Working under any circumstance, around the clock.
Working in different markets.
Giving branch meetings.
Evaluating new applicants.
Training new representatives.
Report writing.
Persuasion skills.
Organizing and managing multiple projects.
Experience in the communications industry.
Customer service skills (friendly, courteous and helpful).
Ability to deal with local & foreign customers & agents either through Tele. Conversation or direct contact.


Years of experience in Web Design

Developing concepts and artwork, creating graphic design solutions from concept through to completion.
Responsible for developing and creating both digital and print design for a wide range of print and online campaigns, publications and advertising.
Managing, producing and designing projects from brief to fulfilment.
Designing & creating marketing & e-marketing materials on a range of projects. Ensuring consistency in a client’s corporate and promotional brands.
Presenting finalized ideas & concepts to clients, colleagues and senior managers.
Answering queries from clients.
Creating original artwork for short and long term projects.
Involved in designing advertisements, brochures, handouts, flyers and online graphics.
Working with a range of media, including photography, to create final artwork.
Designing pitches and presentations for the sales teams.
Keeping up to date with new software, post-production techniques & industry trends.
Producing graphic content for site re-skins, page layouts, email designs, site graphics & static & Flash banners.
KEY SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES Innovative, highly creative, good at thinking 'out of the box'.
Keeping abreast of relevant new techniques in design software, media & photography.
Experience with catalogue, brochure and magazine design.
Willingness and ability to work independently and as part of a team.
Able to work under pressure, meet deadlines and multitask.
A very good knowledge of HTML and CSS.
Highly organized and able to priorities own work schedule.
Able to work within brand and design guidelines.
Excellent graphical skills, creative flair and good color sense.

Major Degree

Helwan University for: Physical Education.
Major Degree: Bachelor of B.Sc. Physical Education with a general grade.
Average of four years: Very Good.
The last year : Excellent


Cairo International School


Helwan Universty



MCSA - American Universty In Cairo

MCSE - American Universty In Cairo


Web Design Diploma


Web Developer Diploma


Adobe Photoshop Course by Adobe International

I have the privilege to work with these cool companies.

2005 - Present


Customer Service Call Center Manager & Graphic Designer


Electronic Health Management (Software Co.)

Customer Service Manager


Glaxo Smith Kline (Pharmaceutical Co.)

Call Center Manager

I can utilize my skills by being a key and an effective team player with unlimited loyalty and commitment.